29 October, 2014

Bad Ass Pinking Shears

These are the far out pinking shears I found last Saturday at an estate sale.
My estate sale 'runner' usually hangs out in the Woodburn area so it was a surprise to see her in the Portland Gateway area.
Which, oddly enough, is near my favorite fabric store, Fabric Depot.

Her sale advertised the usual estate stuff plus YARN. Yes there was boat loads of yarn and just a wee bit of sewing notions.
These are still sharp and I love the blades. They give off that "we mean business" vibe.


 Also found, biggest covered buttons ever.
$2 ziploc -selling the rest of the notions.
I have a purpose for these if I can find the darn tutorial again.

And I just asked my creative friend if she had any jump rings on her.
hah - I find everything at garage sales.

Look at these cool tweezers. One can never have enough tweezers in life. . . or is that sewing machines. . . or is that scissors. . . patterns. . .fabric. . .


  1. What a good deal on the pinking shears! I just ordered a pair not long ago. I want to make some needle cases with pinked felt inside and my Pendleton blanket on the outside. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Pinked edges will look great.

  3. Woah! Those are the most amazing looking pinking shears ever! Have you used them? Does the fabric look different when you have cut it? They are brilliant: as are the mega buttons: I love them!

  4. Those scissors look pretty lethal. I'm glad to hear they work. I've never had a pair of pinking shears that actually work.

  5. I'm in love with those ginormous covered buttons! Very cool.
    Those are serious looking shears, for sure!


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