05 October, 2014

Needle Books

When my children were little, we had a little game we played when out shopping with all the pretties vying for their attention. I would give a quarter to the first one who spotted an airplane.

I got the quarter last Thursday.
After work, aka the shift that started at 4am, Creative Girl and I hopped in her truck to go find a garage sale.

 The black paper (at the top) is in there to keep the needles shiny (no rust). The black paper is cut with the center notch too.

These were all inside a vintage plastic sewing box. With threads, scissors, thimbles, lovely sewing notions.
The seller wanted $20 which could be considered high for a garage sale,  but it had a Pièce de résistance.

A needle book 'made in Czechoslovakia.   In 1914.
I didn't quite swoon, but I may have *sighed*.

And, of course, when I got home to look at things properly, there was the airplane needle book from the Army and Navy.

 I love these older books. Look at the design behind the needles.
A lovely random floral design.
Nowadays, we are so spare with our art.

Back side

Finally, taking photos with the waning September sun, here's some hydrangea blooms on my kitchen table. . . and their 'friends'. . .


  1. Wish we had yard sales, they look such fun!

  2. What a wonderful glimpse into our past...love the airplane on the military needle pack.

  3. Great find! $20 doesn't seem bad at all.


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