27 October, 2014

The Pink Windmill

                May I present to you The Pink Windmill

Almost the entire baby-sized quilt is made from stash. Hooray for me.
I've had these Minky pieces in stash for several years (garage sale find .50 cents) and thought they would go well with the vintage Spring Industries gingham rabbit - reminiscient of Current, Inc stationery imagery.

I found more than four yards of the gingham rabbit this summer at a local garage sale for $2 - yes, two bucks. I promptly sold 3 yds  and kept the long yard for me.

Still, it was pink. I saw a post on Benta's site where she was doing a christmas quilt with prairie point edging and I was inspired to add some prairie point windmills to break up all the too cute gingham rabbits.


I feel so quilty - cutting up perfectly good fabric and sewing it back together again.

The gingham checks are 2"square and 3" prairie points looked too small so I went with 4" squares  to fold and I love how it turned out. 

I love how the day turned out too. It's been sunny all morning which was much easier getting a photo to look good and not twisty in the wind.

I still have to quilt it and am thinking of tying it with yarn. That minky is the very devil to sew with as it stretches in weird unexpected ways that you cannot control. I hand-basted the quilt top to the minky backing and then purposely put the minky in the middle of the quilt sandwich with the batting while I sewed the edges.
I thought I was never going to get a squared-off quilt backing out of it.

Any thoughts on quilting this pink beauty?

A.  Hand -tie with yarn
B.  Hand quilt around the squares
C. ???


  1. Gorgeous quilt! I always prefer sewn quilting over tying.. but that's just me. Whoever gets this is going to be very lucky. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wow, that was fast!! I love the three dimensiony tactile vibe. I can see a baby just loving to play with this quilt. I think tying with colorful yarns would look nice. Minky is slippery and quilting by machine might be tricky.

  3. Oh Kathy, that's gorgeous!!!! (Thanks for the name check :-). I have never tied a quilt, So I would hand quilt but tied do look lovely too

  4. (And just look at your OCD fussy cut blocks - they are awesome!

    1. No-no THANK YOU! It was your idea first to insert windmills.


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