13 October, 2014

Rocket Baby Quilt

I sewed this up yesterday afternoon. It's a baby quilt  for a friend of mine.
I was thinking she was having a boy.
She's having a girl.

oh boy!

So this will probably go into my etsy shop.
This first photo is outside - see how the orange is orange?
Next photo inside my sewing room - see how the orange went red?

When taking photos, quilters not only have to worry about lighting more, they have to figure out how to show that the seams are straight. Mine all  look catty-whompus  in these photos. I assure you all my little quarter-inch seams match.

I wanted a blue, orange & gray theme to my fabrics. Since I don't quilt (almost never), most of my prints  --are prints, not solids. It was difficult to find enough 'solids' to offset the definite airplane and elephant theme going on.

Just goes to show you that you can never hope to have enough fabric.

Testing out a binding material. This light and dark airplane material is all over the quilt top in the above photos. I don't know whether to use this fabric.
I'm not real fond of light-colored anything for boys but it seems to work.

This is more of the quilting I like as it was not monotonous figuring out fabric placement in my no pattern sew-as-you-go way.

It's a busy quilt, but then, boys are quite busy.
Right - off to start that girl's quilt....

Check out Gina's Etsy store - she makes the most amazing wedding treasures.


  1. It is looking good! Sorry to hear you have to start over due to the gender switching on you. :)

  2. You should save that for the next boy to be born to a friend! Good job on it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Yay, Kathy's quilting! Love the fabrics, and the random placements of the blocks!

  4. I dressed my baby girl in blues and she has always been a good flyer. Stereotypes, schmereotypes...

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  6. I would give it to the baby girl anyway: it's super cool!

  7. Clearly, I have gender problems. I think I will finish both and let Gina choose!


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