02 March, 2013

Computer Case

I was excited to learn how to serge a zipper on.
In my class we made a laptop case with a zippered compartment for the computer and another zippered pocket for "important papers".

Easier than you think. You need to use a polyester zipper that is longer than needed. We had a diagonal pocket on the front. Start with a rectangle and slice diagonally.
Open your zipper about 6". Align edge of zipper along diagonal line of material - RST. Serge about 4", then serge off the edge. Close the zipper and serge the remainder.

Flip fabric over and press zipper & fabric flat. Align small diagonal piece along other side of zipper- making sure when it is flipped up that you still have a rectangle of fabric.
Repeat serging technique: open zip ~6", serge part, serge off, close zip, serge remainder.

Press flat. Bar tack zip ends at edge of fabric.
The end of the case also has a zipper. This one is easier because you don't need to open/close the zipper.

Basically, you need to think thru the construction steps to find out if you can use your serger more.

We got to use new Huskylock servers from Viking/Huskavarna.

Caution: go slow thru the layers. Watch your pins and the metal zipper stops.

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