31 March, 2013

Mending & Pattern Making

Apron repair.
Lost the hang of the blog thing and forgot to take the "major holes at midsection" photos otherwise known as embarrassing gapes in my work apron.

I resolved the big darning stitches by sewing a letter down over it all.
That's a ladybug stamp.

I was going to add some random thread addressing to help stabilize the layers but my new machine had a meltdown. It claims there is a big thread knot under the stitch plate which is invisible to me. Gah - probably broke the dang computer.

 I have to wait until tomorrow before I can call and ask for help. . . .
(And yes, I did try the ON/OFF button to try and re-set.)


My junior clerk came back and worked Saturday, giving me an unexpected and very welcome WEEKEND!

At 70+ degrees, I utilized my time Saturday weeding.
My goal for this weekend was not Easter as we celebrated my  mom's 80th last weekend thus taking care of familial duties.

Instead, I wanted to spend my whole two days with Yard Time, Clean The House Time and some Sewing Time.

I managed all three!. The house had not been cleaned in a month as my laundry days have been taken over by the other commitments that landed on my only free day of the week.
With junior clerk back for an undetermined time, I will be taking some time off from Work trying to downsize to about 35 hrs (50+ since September)

I love these shorts for work. They have a knit waistband that is comfortable on my auto-immune stomach.   Alas, my three pairs have worn out. Dang it.
Could I find anymore?

I decided at Christmas to make a pattern and it only took me three  months to do so.

These shorts have a lot of top-stitching details as well as RTW construction details.  I have never seen a commercial pattern with this many pocket details (3 different pockets). Nor the two panel front piece. Is this to save on material to maximize fabric usage  when bulk sewing?

You can see the flap pocket place on the lower side seam. Then there are cargo/patch pockets at the waist zone. This cargo pocket overlaps the seam on the front pieces. It appears to be just top-stitching but there is a rectangular side piece and a narrower 'crotch' piece.

From what I could see, I will be sewing these two pieces together to create one front piece and then adding the cargo pocket. Then I will switch to the back piece (all one big pattern piece) and add the back pocket, then stitch at the side seams to the front. Then I add the side seam flap pocket.

After this is together, I will repeat for the left side with the addition of a fake fly.
These pieces are then seamed at center thru the crotch and up the backside.

Finish with serging on a knit waistband and hemming.

All cut out on my swedish tracing paper.

I'm pretty rough with my seam allowance markings. I allow a big 1/4 inch for the serger and more for fold overs on this particular pocket.  These are not fitted shorts - so I don't need to be exact.
I add copious notes right on the pattern piece because I imagine it might be another three months before I can sew these. We'll see.

Side seam pocket needs a flap. When I was cutting this one out, I noticed I forgot to add seam allowances as this one will be turned but remembered in time before the scissors had their way.

This cargo pocket got snipped from the shorts. This is a great way to go if you are pattern-making and sewing within sight of each other but my sewing time has become negligent at best with Work intruding and I don't know how junior clerk coming back before her re-assignment and possible new boss will impact my hours.

Because of all the top-stitching, all of the seams were well-defined. I cut off the knit waistband as well as cutting the crotch seam apart leaving me a  left and a right 'leg'. Then I laid these flat pieces out on my tracing paper and rough sketched against those top-stitching lines. I wanted to keep the leg intact because of the extra pieces and when I do get back to the project, I will have the original short  mostly intact so I can remember how I thought I was going to construct these babies.

Then, there is the fake fly.

And all the top-stitching. With top-stitching thread that is thicker.

I hope all of you had a tremendously beautiful Easter and got to play with eggs and chocolate.
Happy Easter!

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