16 March, 2013

The New Machine Rocks

  My creative friend came over and MADE me take my new machine out of the box last weekend. Hard to believe two weeks have passed since Sew Expo!

I still have the overtime at work - which easily bought this beauty - hanging me up. My mom's 80th Birthday bash is next weekend so some free time was spent arranging the ordering of the cake, getting enough Pepsi to float the boat, and three kinds of easter candy so my great-nieces will have something to eat at the old folks party.

After work and cake stuff, I sat down and threaded my new machine and played - just a bit.

Not sure if I was doing it correctly but the bobbin wound up s-l-o-w-l-y. 
 Maybe you are supposed to wind slowly ( so as not to stretch the thread?) and the machine is gonna make a better sew-er of me! Ha.

 This is a scrap of pajama pant knit that happened to be lying around (who hid the sewing room elf???). I put the dual feed foot down and it stitched evenly on this stretchy knit with no adjustments from me.  Would I even know how to adjust?

 Stitch #188
Look at #207. The ANT. He might be the clincher on my Pfaff deal.

My mom has always liked pepsi so I thought I would get a variety for her party next weekend.

Did you know they stock eleven varieties at Target???
I managed eight into my cart before I had to go some place else. OMG.  really.

Which is her favorite???
Mom was a little overwhelmed by choices.

And--wait for it -- my sis asked me to get some wine also - which I never do at Target.

I'm the middle sister. The wine falls under my "less than ten bucks" rule. And the label Rocks!
First up is a "REBEL RED", then the  "WILD ONE", and finally, "FOREVER COOL"

Not too keen on Merlot so I skipped the Blue top sis. The red is a table wine (!) and the green "Wild One" is a Malbec (?)

tomorrow, a.k.a. Laundry Day: Need to finish taxes.
If it continues to rain, then I can not only play but sew a project. 

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