24 February, 2013

Sewing Party

 I saw these Clothworks by Karen Roti fabrics on a blog post and spent quite awhile searching for just the right price.
Online fabric websites can suck up a bunch of time unless you have the exact title of what you are looking for.

 Iris's are from last weekend. Instead of starting my taxes, I pruned my roses & my raspberries. A little more sun today and these miniature iris's are full-blown.

 Sasanqua Camellia by the front door is loaded with blooms.

I am headed to the big sewing party next weekend in Puyallup. After many hiccups at work trying to keep it's grip on me, I have persevered to leave town for three days starting at 5:30am this Friday.

Sheesh - all the work that went into taking two days off work. Not even a question of me being indispensable. Not sure what's gonna happen during five days in May or, gasp!, two weeks in August!

I am taking classes;
 # 3029b Classy & Clever Computer Case, aka; how to use my serger inserting a zipper (!),
#1046C designer handbag details

#1087C  new tee necklines
#1088B Adding stay tape to make knits look professional
#1094c creating texture the easy way
#1096c making resin buttons

I am also looking at a Bernina 450 sewing machine and may buy one. What else is terminal overtime good for??

 Spring Heather blooming it up for the bumble bees.

 Close-up of sasanqua Camellia.

 Christmas Cheer Rhododendron

 Can't resist these tone-on-tone airplane prints. On sale too!

 Not sure what these will become - still dreaming. . . .

 Found some race car fabric for my girlfriend in Sweden. She likes Formula 1 racing.
Might make some pillowcases - except I have to get her pillow dimensions as swedish pillows are smaller than american ones.

It was cold last weekend. Crocuses are emerging like rockets but are closed up tight.
This weekend - tad warmer - opening up.

Some of my favorite iris's....until the next type of iris's start blooming.


  1. Looks like spring is in the air in Canbyland. Your flowers are gorgeous! Have fun creating with your new fabrics!

  2. I picked up some rhodie fabric last weekend and was yearning for some OR rhodies. Thanks for satisfying me by sharing your pictures. Your garden is lovely. And that postmark fabric is just great! Have fun at your classes and enjoy your holiday!

  3. No ideas yet on the air mail fabrics.
    I'll have go save it for posterity.


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