07 February, 2013

How To Take Time Off To Sew

First of all, work for a place with no one to spell you the first three days of the flu. Nevermind the fever and the coughing back at the same customers who coughed at you in the first place.

 After someone took your place at work, you go home. Only on the sixth day, do you even have energy to think about sewing.

 For this year's SewExpo, I wanted to make two pillowcases for the Mary Bridges Children's Hospital. I believe they collected over 4500 pillowcases last year. These pillowcases are for children who stay at the hospital for an extended time to take home with them.

I could tell I wasn't at my usual "make it more difficult than it has to be" status, when I followed directions - as written.

However, I was feeling just enough better to make sure of french seams throughout. --Because pillowcases get washed. No fraying edges exposed.

I used the first fabric on the pile. This is one of the fabrics I received as a WINNER in SewMama Sew's Giveaway Day last December. I paired it with the striped fat quarter that came with and added plain white cotton for the end. I did not overthink this - which should tell you how sick I have been.

I have to go back to work tomorrow but I think I will not work all day as my guy is still there.
But if I want to pay myself (Friday chore - lol), I should go in and make sure I give myself  enough money for SewExpo - coming up in three weeks!

I am going March 1,2,& 3rd. Three whole days.  Pencil Girl and her mom are going all four days! We are staying at the same hotel. I have all my classes arranged except one - but I can go put myself on the waiting list when I arrive. That's the class on ETSY Selling. Very popular.

***And the seventh day, there were pillowcases.

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