27 January, 2013

Ceramic Non-Stick Pans

I had last Monday off for MLK Day. First up was a doctor visit with the discovery of sunshine surrounding Canbyland which meant there was no way I was heading back into that inversion layer  wall of fog.

I went shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond for a wedding present. I was also looking at juicers and a new non-stick frying pan. The old fry pan was getting cranky (not to mention those toxic fumes)  so we wanted to try a ceramic one.

It works.

My Sunday yams/sweet potato hash fried up fast. In fact, the pan gets a little hotter than the old non-stick pan so you need to learn how to turn down the heat a bit. Nothing stuck - at all.
The ceramic browns wonderfully.

We'll see how long it lasts - probably as long as the old non-stick pans which is about three years.
My BB&B coupon on my smarty pants phone was duly scanned and we all agreed how easy that was.

I don't remember the brand on this pan. There were about three to choose from at BB&B. I don't see it on the web site.

Sunday breakfast;  fried yams with bacon (voget's)  & eggs (did I tell you about the seaweed wraps?).

Back to MLK Day: Totally enjoying the sunshine which made the interior of the car toasty warm even though it was only 35' outside, I took my mom out for lunch without our coats.

I made a few other stops and then as soon as I took the left-hand turn at Columbia Helicopters back to Canbyland, I could see that wall of fog still intact isolating Canbyland; dreary and cold and wet.
That inversion layer broke Friday (Thank God) and we are now enjoying cloudy/sunny skies around 40'.

Off to a bridal shower today  and then to Retro Revival. My creative friend owns this shop in Oregon City and they are hosting a gigantic grand opening today.

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