01 January, 2013

My Son's Flannel Quilt

 My son came home for a four-week break to intern at Fred Meyers and also sew a quilt.
He and his roomies have not turned on the heat at their house in Corvallis (--would not want to be his landlord) and run around at home all bundled up sitting next to electric heaters.
Actually, none of them are really ever home as they are all going to school or working.
You may remember last Christmas when he made this cool bottlecap coffee table.

This Christmas, he shopped with me at Fabric Depot. He chose manly flannels that went together quite well. Before we hit Fabric Depot, we decided on a simple strip quilt with a flannel sheet backing.

 Most of the flannels were printed with warm wool suiting motifs/checks - visually keeping you warm as well.

He sewed it all by himself, mastering my temperamental walking foot along the way.
I helped him with the mitered corners on the striped flannel and expert advice via texting as I was at work while he was sewing.

 He finished it off with a double layer of cotton batting and a flannel sheet backer.
For quilting, he tied it off.
Not in enough spots for me but enough for him.

My son had never sewn something of this magnitude and it turned out exactly how he wanted it to.


  1. He did a great job. I like the bear print. I bet it's extra warm with two layers of batting!

  2. That is an awesome quilt! Pat yourself on the back that your kid knows how to sew! I bet he impresses his friends!

  3. I like the bear print too!
    Tell your son, great job on the quilt!


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