30 December, 2012


These photos were all re-pinned on Pinterest.
***technical term for 'borrowing' photos.

I have gone over to the dark side.
Of time, I mean.
See my Pinterest board here on ideas for more bags to sew.

As if I had time to sew.
Let alone the time to PIN.

I can see why this is so addicting - pinning.

It's so easy to start looking.
Then comes, "what a great idea, I should save that."

All I'm doing right now is re-pinning.
How does one pin for the first time?

I want to add this photo to my pinterest board but I'm not sure how. It's a sewing pattern printed on white leather made into a zippered purse.

I held off as long as I could but I believe I am riding the slippery slope down into saving/pinning everything.

I already have 28 bag ideas on that board. Can one sew that many in a year? If they are working 50 hours per week? lol



  1. To do an original re-pin... click on the photo that you've been repinning. It should take you to the original website/post. Then I copy the website address and then go to Pinterest and then click on the "add" icon and follow through on that to add an original pin post. LOL Then through that same "add" icon (top right) you can upload your own photos to pin them. :)

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  3. Yeah - while you were writing that, I was wasting time trying to add a PinIt button to the dang blogger.
    Pinterest is a total time waster. I knew it. I am succumbing to it ungracefully.
    Can't help myself.

  4. Wow, a pattern printed on leather made in to a purse?!? That's fabulous. I wonder how they did that???

    Love your pinterest board!!!

  5. Great ideas on your board! I haven't started down the Pinterest path yet. Hmmm...not sure I should, LOL. Wishing you all the best in 2013!


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