03 January, 2013

More Pressies.

This was a super  gift to me this Christmas from my lovely friend in Japan. She writes a blog too.
We met during a SewMamasew giveaway and it turned out she grew up right behind me in Beavercreek. Small world.

Since then, we have met a couple of times. Her family lives in Oregon and Janine comes back to visit each summer. She and I really enjoy playing Draw Something together  - me on my smarty pants phone and she on her IPad.  We are also figuring out sewing stuff and etsy stuff together.

She sent me these two felted leaf coasters that are  gorgeous colors - fuchsia and heather gray.
Plus the zippered pouch in the background.

This pouch is entirely hand-sewn.
From the quilting on the pink spool fabric to insetting the zipper.
Beautiful craftmanship.

Someday she will get my gift. I mailed all my international gifts on the 10th but obviously, customs is backed up.

Thank you Janine for bringing a smile to my face.
It's so lovely to receive packages in the mail.

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  1. Those are all very cute! Especially the bag. I really want to make a zipper pouch but ran into difficulties...


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