16 November, 2012

The Ding Dongs Have Died

Did you hear the news?
Hostess - who makes Twinkies as well as Ding Dongs, has filed bankruptcy.
Rather than work it out with the union, the hedge fund owners have decided not to duke it out with the union.
18,000 jobs lost.

My grandma always kept a box of ding dongs in her freezer for when we visited. To this day, my siblings and I can inhale foil wrapped frozen ding dongs all day long.
Well - not really - I have serious food sensitivities - so my days as a ding dong eater are past.

In the last few years the oddball Hostess offerings were getting  more difficult to find. For a while, Target was stocking Ding dongs.

So Hostess investors will sell off the recipe and image rights to the highest bidder and some dork will try to re-create the Ding Dong.
It won't be the same.

Anyone else have an Hostess memory?

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  1. What sad news. I have a couple Hostess memories, the latest being that when we returned home for the summer, I picked out a word and made my daughter search the grocery store, reading labels, until she found the product and then she could get that product. Over the years, she searched for Ding Dongs and Twinkies and it was a real treat.

    My oldest memory is of the huge treat Hostess fruit pies were when I was a kid. When I went out hunting with my father, we always stopped at a little mom and pop grocery store on the way to the forest (somewhere in Molalla) for lunch treats and I always picked out a Hostess cherry pie. Back then it was filled with real cherries and was a real treat since we didn't buy them normally. Those days out hunting with my father and eating a sweet cherry pie are some of my favorite memories from childhood.


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