04 November, 2012

Laundry Day

 My Sunday turned out to be dry and warm .  Our Indian Summer continues.
This plane flew in to visit. My husband bought a project just like this one so they were talking J-5 stuff.

Photos to share:

Fall colors in this bed. We had some 'almost frosts' which toasted the hostas in the foreground. The others are still going strong with one re-blooming.

 Garden Nasturciums came back from the almost frost with a vengeance.

 Dahlias still going strong.

 Blueberry plants all turning color. The next wind will make the leaves disappear.

 Rusty with his marrow bone. He can see me in the garden and the guys in the hangar. All of his peoples must remain in his view.

 The million dollar question? Will my butternut squash ripen in time???

 The almost frost nailed half of the leaves. If they can make it until Thanksgiving, that's when we get a good frost around here. Please ripen. I want butternut squash soup for Thanksgiving dinner.

 My pajama pants I sewed last sunday (raining). Very comfortable cotton knit.

 Pocket detail. I made adjustments to my PJ pattern to include this pocket. No bulky seam layers with just a single layer to add to the front piece to make the pocket. All sewing done with my serger and coverstitch machines.

Made  two small apple pies for hubby today. Trying to talk him into flying today. Definitely our last chance before weather turns warm again in the spring.

But we just paid bills - including those high property taxes we get for living in Canbyland.
Avgas is pricey.

Slow cooking a roast this afternoon and maybe I will work on my Japanese sewing projects.
During lunch at work, I am doing yoga on Tuesday and Thursdays (Lilia's Yoga and you DVD) and reading and sewing the other two lunch hours. Sometimes I go for a walk if it's not too windy (hello hair) or rainy.  Trying my best to take breaks and not succeeding.
The stress at work has plateaued and it is what it is. Especially through Christmas.

The being two steps behind at work is actually helpful to me sticking to eating well and taking care of myself. I am not making poor food choices as often -because I cannot afford to deal with the reactions. Working six days a week forces me to be vigilant about my health and in a weird twisted way, 50 hrs/wk is good for me.
Being busy takes away the focus on how sick I am. There's a lot to be said to just 'ignoring' my auto-immune issues and moving forward.

I promised myself I would get a better attitude about this work situation on or before Nov. 1 and having a deadline to find something positive in it (or else!) caused me to come up with positives.

I am learning new programs constantly and my efficiency at work is at an all-time high.
On laundry day, I make sure my laundry is done for the week (duh) and also something like soup or a chicken has been cooked for easy meals for the week.

I took advantage of the dry day today to pull my tomato plants for the year and spread lime on the garden soil. I also turned over the big weeds. I plan to spread some compost this fall also but not today. Putting the garden to bed.

My liquid vitamin B complex has come through in more regulated energy throughout the day - especially at the nap-time hour. I utilize more of the vitamins in this liquid form.

My voodoo-hippee doctor is now offering Saturday hours of which I am taking advantage of to keep my energy paths open and flowing positively. This is all part of taking care of myself.   'cause when I am feeling good, I tend to be a positive person. The negativity is directly related to not feeling well or not dealing with overwhelming stress well.

The safety issues with my older parents have all been accomplished and they are good to go until we re-assess in the Springtime.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I'm having it at my house as this is less stressful in my family dynamics. The plus side? We get all the turkey smells lingering at my house. Feel good smells.


  1. Today is my laundry day! I love the photo of Rusty needing to keep his people in view. Such an important job! Nice professional looking pj pants. So glad you purchased your serger and coverstitch machines! Great list of positives. It's important to have a "state of your health" assessment.

  2. I love that I bought my serger and coverstitch too. Cannot explain why I waited so long.
    I'm thinking about an industrial sewing machine. I love to sew fast & furious.

  3. Work sounds really tough, I'm glad you are looking after yourself and still finding time for crafts!


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