18 November, 2012

Smart Charging Pocket

My sewing for the day.
Today is laundry day. I am busy getting ready to host Thanksgiving here so things need to be baked. Rolls - check. Coconut Macaroons - Done. Pie Crusts - ready in freezer to roll out Wednesday night to make Pumpkin Pies - yes.

November is home of Handmade Holidays over at SewMamaSew.
Today's projects are for the techy (techie?) people in your life.
Saw this - had to make one.

Normally my phone - which has to be charged every night(!) sits on the edge of my island. If you want to bake something, get the toaster out, or make waffles, one is always juggling for space with my phone. This smarty pants phone doesn't take kindly to batter dripping on it or (gasp!) water nearby.

Sometimes the cord slithers onto the floor where I live in fear someone with size 10 shoes will flatten the end.  
I didn't have another solution until today.

Coolest thing. Sewed up in twenty minutes flat.
Jet fabric was from my free spoonflower fat quarter I got over Labor Day weekend.
Inner fabric is from Finlayson in Turku, Finland.
I did not hoard these fabrics.
So there.

Now, on to the Butternut Squash Soup.


  1. It looks great! Thanks for sharing!
    I'm glad your phone is no longer fearing for it's life while charging. ;)

  2. Very practical in such great fabric!

  3. Jan. 2014 update:
    Love this techie pocket!
    I have traveled with this by folding the charger cord and phone inside the pocket and it's all contained!
    And it makes the black charging cord easy to see in the hotel room so you don't forget to pack it back up.
    This was my favorite make of 2012!

    1. Jan 2018 update: Still using this pocket. Works do well when traveling. I have washed it once and it's still holding up and doing it's job. I have made two more as gifts for family and friends.


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