12 November, 2012

Monster High Doll Bed

My finnish friend's daughter loves Monster High Dolls.
At first, when I was planning my trip this summer, I was thinking why  couldn't she be happy with a barbie? These Monster High dolls are more expensive. And where do you find them? I'm totally out of the toy shopping loop.

But then you start looking at M.H.D.'s and realize they are cooler than they sound. They come with all sorts of very small accessories - the kind that mom's curse the world over.
But to a little girl playing, these tiny items make the experience. The M.H.D.'s come with a story.

My friend tucked some american dollars in my pocket as I left to travel home for some christmas cheer. Sure enough, her annigirl asked for Rebecca and Venus McFlytrap. Oddly enough, these two dolls are sold as a pair - everywhere.
I spent some research time on ebay and found them going for $60 plus shipping. Further research found them at Walmart - ship to store- for $40 for the pair and no shipping costs.

Annigirl also wanted some furniture.
 I bought one Coffee Cafe set at Target but decided to make her a bed.
For my bed, I used a narrow shoebox. I turned the sides under and glued them. Then I used batting and vinyl 'leather' to  make the headboard and endboard. I thought about bringing the 'leather' up over the siderails but decided that was overkill.
I used the same black 'leather' for the mattress and pillow.
This embroidered sheet is screen door fabric.  I was looking for some animal print fake fur and stumbled across this soft screening.
I decided that it had that monster-ish texture and embroidered some plants on it - sort of a coverlet/sheet. Venus McFlytrap riffs a bit off the Little Shop of Horrors.
I saw a custom bed made for Miss Venus with plants twining up the bed posts on etsy.

Cool, but this leather bed is way cooler as it can be used for any of the eleven dolls miss annigirl already has. (plus two = 13 --- wait, there's one more Coffee Bean doll =14)
Ebay and Etsy customers take these accessories for these dolls very seriously - if you are looking for an idea to sell.

My "leather mattress" can be taken out to be used as a futon thingy.

I finally found some 'ermine'.
Not sure where the animal print is hiding in my fabric jungle (lol).

Close-up of Venus & Rebecca.

I have figured out two boxes is cheaper to send than one.
I need to run by Joann's tomorrow night for some drawstring cord for a string backpack I made for her son. I am also waiting on my finnish friend's 'last requests'.
She should get the packages well in time for Christmas.

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