04 November, 2012

Flying Near Sunset

It's been awhile since we have flown at sunset. I forget the lighting is so much better than in the hazy afternoon.
Such a fantastic Indian Summer day. I believe we hit 65'- perfectly warm enough for the last flight of the year. We won't be flying the stearman again until late April.

 Look at these sunrays. Gorgeous display.
The sky was all big dark cloud layers north and towards the coast range - where I imagine it is drizzling by the look of those clouds. 

Down south by Salem and towards the cascade foothills it was all clear. It appeared that my friends on the other side of the cascades (redmond girl- hey you!) had a beautifully clear day as we could see Mt. Jefferson with no clouds wrapped around it's peak.

The farmers have tilled all of their fields in preparation for the winter rains.

The leaves on the trees and nursery plants are all turning -- providing gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges
in contrast to the cloudy skies.

 A perfect end to Laundry Day.

Space can be at a premium with three airplanes in the hangar. Stearman with wings off for storage is behind our flying stearman. J-5 cub is in pieces -- everywhere.

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