03 December, 2010

Even in the Gray Light

 Photographed in the gray light of a November Oregon - inside, no less. A friend said I should post about these newly recovered pieces of furniture. I want to show some of the finished remodeling we have done but the photo light available right now makes all the pictures turn out slightly dreary. It doesn't convey the rich colors like sunlight might. So - even though...

A quick recap: I found a trio of furniture while out garage sale shopping with friends. The lady wanted $100 for the sofa, the loveseat and this chair above. We poked at them, turned them over - looking for cat claws, stinky fabric, sprung springs, etc and these were solid. Solid maple frames to be exact. Probably from late 60's/early 70's.  I even talked her down to $75.
I was going to recover them but couldn't carve out the time to learn and besides, this was a huge project. You know - if you don't get the fabric right, you are doomed!

So we turned to the guy who upholstered the seats in our plane and he did a grand job. This was the third fabric picked out. While expensive, everyone agreed to like it and it was in stock!

This is what it looked like before with the ubiquitous freckles on the legs and worn fabric.

 It's very  comfortable. Looks great on the new wood floors. Eventually, we want an area rug in this room with furniture on the rug - more comfy for the feet on a cold morning.
After furniture shopping looking for another new couch for our other room, we are fans now of older furniture because of the solid construction. My upholsterer just had  a guy bring in a new LaZBoy recliner for some repair work. It's one of the new pillow pieces of furniture and it had  absolutely nothing underneath all the pillows. The guy would sink in but eventually he had to work his way out of it. The upholsterer was installing post-construction stays underneath all of the cushiony 'crap'.

 Here's the before and after photos of the love seat.

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