08 December, 2010

How To Sell Handmade Stuff and Play Video Poker

I only participated in one Christmas bazaar this year. It was this last Sunday afternoon, held at the American Legion Post #1 over on 122nd ave. (Portland).
I want to do it again.
The bazaar had good sales but downstairs is where the real fun starts with the lounge, the video poker and other subterranean fun. 
Can you play?

You can read their newsletter but it seems to leave out all of the 'fun' things you can do at the legion hall.
The bazaar was organized for postal employees to sell their gifty things they make in their spare time.

I almost forgot to show off  what I bought at the bazaar. 
A friend of mine made it.

 She hand-sewed a bazillion buttons onto a thick toweling (re-purposed). There is a backing fabric sewn to cover the stitches and it fastens with velcro.

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