17 December, 2010

And the Angel Winner Is...

Wow - deciding  on who wins the giveaway was interesting. As someone who owns and plays a lot of Christmas piano music, the angel giveaway commenters covered just about every song. Although I must say, Australia's   Christmas Where The Gum Trees Grow is a new one for me.

So - on to the giveaway.

The most popular carol was O Holy Night. Closely followed by Jingle Bells, Silent Night and Elvis!
Making me choose one, and only ONE carol depends on the time of day, where I am at and who I am with. I like them all.

I have been collecting O Holy Night versions these last few years so I am going with that carol   This nicely narrows my choices down to a handful -- and I choose:

TaDa: (Tiny fireworks here)
Skooks   who wrote;

"O Holy Night is my favorite . . . especially sung by a choir. I don't know why exactly, but it always touches my heart when I hear it and I can't help but get teary eyed listening."

Thanks to everyone who left a comment. I very much enjoyed reading some of your blogs and profiles.

And a big shout out to the special people at SewMamaSew who pulled all of these giveaways out of their magic hat.

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