15 February, 2010

Elf Costume for a Darling Little Girl

I have bought the material for the Tangerine Dress but here is another that is so inspiring.
An Elf Costume for Little Girls
The maker is selling it on Etsy.

I was perusing the pattern books here and there are a few dress patterns for little girls, a LOT of bridal/formal dresses, nearly nothing in knitwear, and one pattern for the boys (formal).
Kidding about the boys (there were two), but where are the REAL clothes that children wear?

There are actually more patterns out now then there were when my children were young.  I learned then that if I wanted the clothing to fit, it was better to make a pattern from something ready-made and make it from that. The kids sewing patterns are HUGE on the little ones and for a beginning seamstress, it must cause huge headaches trying to downsize the garment so it fits.
The sizes on the back of the envelope are part of the headache.
Burda had the most 'realistic' patterns for children - utilizing knits. Most kids wouldn't know what to do with all the formal wear here in Oregon - where we tend to call our newest sweats our 'nice' clothes and think REI   is our formalwear store.

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