04 February, 2010

FLASH: Oregon Spring is official, Minnesota - three months away

Still snowing in Minnesota! We are officially in this weird two weeks of fantastic February weather in Oregon that can fool you into trimming your roses too early or planting your garden. The sun shines - such a relief after the January dreariness.
In Minnesota, my sister tries to tell me that the sun shines more often in the winter there. 
Here in Oregon -we are abloom in tiny iris's, crocus's and Hellebores - Christmas Roses. My early Rhody - Christmas Cheer is blooming its head off.
And finally, this little corner where Rusty is sitting (top photo). He uses this as a shortcut as going around a corner would take too long. I try to keep it planted in crocuses as the day lilies beside the corner fill in as the season matures. This way I have a three season look to the corner . Since Rusty is 7 yrs old, I guess training him not to 'prune' would probably not take hold.
Dandelion sighting.

Freezing Drizzle
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