12 February, 2010

Sophea's Kitchen

My niece has been building a play kitchen for her daughter. My kids aren't quite old enough to have kids themselves so Sophea is a practice grand-baby for me.
This is the outfit I made for her. Still a tad large, both the skirt and tops will be outgrown all too soon.

The skirt was made at Christmas and the two tops were clear into February! Sophea is potty training and trying to find a plain t-shirt in a 12-mo. size was near impossible. The long-sleeved red shirt is an 18-mo. size.

My niece and her husband have been remodeling their first home north of here and along the way, my niece picked up some wood-working skills. I am so amazed at how well the cupboard door turned out with the vegetable and fruit cut-outs.

For woodworking, here's a new site I have just discovered called Knock Off Wood if you are interested in discovering your inner sawing skills.

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