07 February, 2018

Orange Confetti Clothesline Bowl


 My third Orange Confetti Clothesline Bowl. Much happier with my third attempt. Second one was my typical, too fast, trying to make it the same, fiasco (in my mind). This third one is also a tad smaller. About 8 inches across.

Anyway, even with the leather finish, this bowl still had to have a knot. A snake knot, to be precise.

I just love how organic the bowl comes together. Not overthinking the design, just letting it evolve how it wants to.

 Last Sunday, my only day off, was warm - over 60'f,  and sunny.  Yard work was calling. Specifically, this wild Nootka rose.

It had no redeeming qualities other than keeping the neighbors at bay. No excess of blooms, no excess winter rose hips, just excessive vicious thorns and the ability to jump over and under the aluminum flashing I put in to keep it contained.

Late in the summer I tried some Crossbow on it and I was happy to see some dieback.
It will take me two years or so to get rid of the vigorous runner roots but I am waging war.

I have a nice clumping bamboo to put there instead. Teresa gave me some of her clumping bamboo varieties for my birthday last year. They are in pots until I gain control of this spot in my flower bed.

 It's all chopped back, crossbow applied and some roots dug up.

My living fence is now opened up and the neighbors got a bit closer.
Gardening is a process. That's for sure.

 I did do a bit of sewing. This was all cut out on my sewing table and was finished. This little professional pouch with leather accents measures about 5 1/2" by 4 inches tall.
Nice small pouch.

For coins, stuff, timbers memorabilia.
---our local soccer team.

While the rest of the nation is enjoying the winter months, our spring has started here in the Willamette Valley. My Christmas Cheer Rhodies are starting as well as my early daffodils.

Warmer weather is expected through next week and I might even see my mini-iris's pop open.
We can still expect frosts until April but this winter has been mild - our usual state of affairs here. Last year was snowy and icy - which happens every ten years or so. Good to be back to 'normal'.


  1. *LOVE* the new basket! I really am impressed with them. Nice that you have an early Rhodie in bloom! So, my gift bamboos all lived through the winter? I know you will love them as they fill in. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Three of the five did. They'll have to live in pots for one or two more years until the wild rose is gone. The bamboo will be perfect there. ***thank you***

  2. Still LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those rope baskets. Still don't know why I haven't made one myself yet!

    1. I can't reply directly. What's holding you back? Is it getting the correct rope? Starting?

  3. Ooooh, I love the leather AND knot combination! And the confetti and stripe, you are so good at these!!!!

  4. Just made my first clothesline basket so now Pinterest is showing me tons of related pins, including this one. Love your bowl!


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