08 March, 2018

Randomly In March Already

 Spring is here. Most of the east coast and midwest are buried in snow drifts. We in the Willamette valley of Oregon are just sitting back and enjoying our four month show of spring flowers. Maybe a few gray, overcast days to break up the monotonous beauty.

I am taking photos and only a few are even making it to Instagram. A fellow employee retired clear back in October and we have yet to get another body hired. Lots of 12 hour split shifts for me. I was pretty sick since December and I seemed to pick up three versions of something and it's been difficult trying to get on top of the crud with so many tiring work hours.

I took advantage of being tired and played Library Bingo where you could just read four category books and win a mug or you could play all 16 (blackout!) and be in the running to win a Kindle Fire. For some reason, this hit me at the right time of year and I was very inspired to read not just quick novels,  but some new to me books in categories I normally don't read and that seemed to fit my energy level quite well.

Anyway, I took a week off last week to go to SewExpo (sewexpo.com) and used the time well. My son and girlfriend visited and my sis from MN flew in to help do some family (interventions). So the week was busy but not over the top which so often happens when my sis visits.

I also had the opportunity to be one of the first reviewers of a friend's foray into writing children's books. She is a talented illustrator. I don't know if you're familiar with Jan Brett but this gal has a similar style of making the illustrations tell a story beyond the actual story.  She hasn't published yet but is very close.

 This book is a version of the 12 days of Christmas. "...My true love gave to me Six Warthogs Wading...", set in a fanciful zoo of animals.

 Until the princess is surrounded by all these wonderful animals and has to call mom on what to do now.

 This book features a boy who drinks a sip of coffee and turns into a fanciful animal. A very simple story but gorgeous illustrations that are fun to ponder and enjoy on their own.

So, here I am with new fabric for a new quilt. The post office keeps saying since they "delivered' it to a parcel locker, the claim for insurance is denied. The not giving out keys issue is totally ignored. If you're new to this story, I made a quilt for my son for christmas. he never got a key to the parcel locker. My sis in MN also sent him a package that arrived the same day and also, NO KEY. If you can read between the lines, a few choice swear words were inserted.

So quilt no.2 is all sandwiched now and I have started the hand stitching. After that, I can bind it and re-send it either to their new house or via UPS since USPS is ridiculous in their no communication.

I was in sort of a denial place. Partly because I didn't want to re-make this and partly because winter will be over before they get it. And it was made for Christmas Wintery Cold.

And of course the fabric store didn't have the same fabrics - they had also moved onto Spring. Now I think I should have made a spring gingham but I am committed. Possibly I should be committed.

 Here's a picture for Kyle of the snow that shut down Portland. Bare ground. Schools cancelled the day before it even snowed. Gone by afternoon snow.  Portland did get hit much harder than my banana belt community.

And finally.
My dd nailed this photo of the Northern Lights. She's still up in Alaska.
This is what 3am looks like on a cold wintry night.


  1. Your garden is looking very spring-y! You DD is so lucky to have gotten to see the aurora borealis and she captured a great photo of it! So sorry they lost your son's quilt.. grumble! Enjoy your week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I love the northern Lights pic - I saw them five years ago - I’ll never forget the magic!!! I can’t belive they still haven’t sorted the locker business - dreadful customer service! The garden is looking really colourful. Neither of us are really gardeners so we have green (grass) but some self seeded snow drops have bloomed next to the rubbish bins!!!! We have our dates - 7th to 14th July. My father is already planning stuff he wants to show us, so if there is any chance of you coming let me know a day ASAP so I can keep a day free!

  3. I think I might like this second quilt even better than the first lost one. That aurora borealis photo is amazing. How blessed your dd is to get to live in such a beautiful place.

    1. Thank you for saying the second might be better. I did select flannel that was less stretchy and I didn't have to wrestle those seams into submission as much.

  4. Your snow is cute. :) I'm really amazed about the quilt story and that the fact that you work for the USPS doesn't help at all. I would hand deliver that second quilt, even if it's not until another season.

    1. Quilt number 2 will not be traveling via USPS. No way. UPS does a fine job. There might be a signature required moment too.
      Working for them just means I have a few tricks up my sleeves, but all of those failed to elicit any communication.

  5. I've been following along waiting to see if that quilt showed up. So, do you think someone stole your son's packages at his old apartment?

    1. It appears another tenant may have been given the parcel locker keys. For both pkgs. It's a big apt. complex. Son has bought a house - they move in april 15. Putting this unfortunate event behind us.

  6. I am so sorry the quilt never made it to your son. How frustrating. The new quilt top looks great! And your spring photos are lovely. This weather is fantastic. I love the picture your DD took, too. Beautiful! I hope work slows down a bit and that you are feeling better soon.


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