04 February, 2018

Library Bingo

 I'm busy playing Library Bingo.
You can win a mug by reading four across/down/diagonal.
But if you do blackout - all 16 categories - you're in the running for a new Kindle Fire.

 Categories include Biography, Book translated into English, Book made into a movie, Travel, Nonfiction History, Humorous Book, Fantasy Novel, Book from Childhood, Bestseller, Poetry, Classic Novel, Mystery, Library Staff Selection, "Lucky Day" book, Graphic Novel, and Book by Oregon Author.

I need suggestions on Book translated into English, A Humorous Book, and a Fantasy Novel.

Creative Girl is providing me with a (short) graphic novel from her daughters extensive collection.

She also found me my Poetry Book. I like poetry but I don't love it enough to read a book full of poems. She found me a vintage single poem, "Sweet By and By". Complete with etched plates and illustrations. And the music score.

This is a typical time of the year for me to read more. I feel quite energized by this Library bingo game. I have until March 15 to finish, which I think I will.

Last Sunday was nice, so I had to play out in the yard (next post) instead of sewing and reading. This sunday is warmish but the wind is blowing and there's the occasional drop of rain. I was able to sew and read and do my laundry on this Sunday.

 Another acquaintance in town started her own book store. She's ordered this bag from me before (twice), so I made her another to use or to sell in her shop. I plan to make her two to help get her sales going so she can stay in business - we'll see.

This is my own tote bag pattern which I am still perfecting. But I made these corners. I'm pretty pleased with myself.

 Inside is this great slip pocket featuring a scrap of books.

 The Lilac Girls is my bestseller. It's about WWII and three women. One is a society gal who helps french citizens from the USA and sends care packages to french orphans. The second is Polish, studying medicine, when she and her sister, mom, and boyfriend are picked up and sent to a concentration camp. The third is german, also studying medicine, who turns into the only woman doctor tried for war crimes by lethal injections/operations performed upon concentration victims.

I highly recommend this book .

First of all, the similarity between my work environment and the concentration camp really played in my subconscious. I dreamt about this book. The decisions I made to get out in a year and a half are  more right than ever. I see more and more workplaces becoming authoritative, hostile - well- work is a four-letter word.

Secondly, I was really sick with the bronchial flu in December and still feel exhausted from the christmas work hours and continuing overtime. These women, underfed, forced to do hard physical labor, with less sleep than I get, were able to persevere, create bonds to survive and do more - in spite of their exhaustion. Very inspiring kick in the butt.

UPDATE on missing package: Well - we have been officially denied insurance coverage because tracking says the package was delivered. We are appealing that decision because no one bothered to give out keys to the parcel lockers. No one is addressing this issue. It's sucky.

Why did I make the book bag and some other things? While I have bought new fabric to make the replacement quilt for my son, I am procrastinating on cutting it out and sewing up the quilt top. Big sigh. Maybe after I write two blog posts. (cuz I'm NOT watching super bowl).


  1. That's nice of you to make two bags as a gift to help your friend with her new business.. I hope she makes it! I love "The Gilded Hour"! The "Lilac Girls" sounds kind of sad.. we're watching the Super Bowl, I'm not a big sports fan and neither is Dayle, but I enjoy the clever commercials and the National Anthem and the big flashy halftime show with Justin Timberlake. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. The Lilac Girls got under my skin. Not so much sad as profound. And I think I might have already read the Sara Donati book per your recommendation from last year. I'll give it a re-read though.

  2. For a book translated to English, I am reading “The Hidden Life of Trees” by Peter Wohlleben. The book is translated from German.
    I love the inside book pocket in the Big Book Bag!

    1. Thanks. I'll throw Hidden Life of Trees into my library basket.

  3. OMG on the package!!! OMG!!!!

  4. who is responsible for parcel lockers? (is this an apt complex?)

    1. USPS is responsible but is shirking their responsibility and blaming vague "tampering" with vague words about a "big investigation".

  5. I can’t believe the quilt saga still goes on! The book bag looks fab, and the book sounds great. Funnily enough I was just checking “the house on the fjord” in case it was written in Norwegian (it wasn’t) but it’s the same era. I loved it


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