21 January, 2018

Missing Package And No Communication

The Post Office officially sucks at communication.

They ignored my case.
They ignored my sister's case.
They ignored my son - the recipient of two christmas packages that were placed into parcel lockers at his apartment complex.
They won't even address the issue of no keys to the parcel lockers.

Other than geo-tracking them to the parcel lockers, there's been no word.

I filed my priority claim today - one month after the package disappeared.

I went to Fabric Depot today and re-bought all the fabrics. Of course that's impossible. I bought the first fabrics for the quilt in October. The store is sold out of the original fabrics.

Moving on. Pencil Girl was unable to come today, so we did about a thousand messages back and forth.

Anyway, I did want to address a concern of several of my readers. It is highly unlikely your package will go astray. If you package it well, secure the label (inside the box and outside). Utilizing a good condition new box (for stability), wrapping in plastic (in case it gets wet).

In my 40 plus years of shipping packages, I have only had a handful go stray and I send a lot of packages.

I just drew the lottery on an emotionally charged christmas package to my son who moved out of state.

Fabrics all washed and doing their drying thing. I'll cut them out next weekend.

Oh - the photo above is of the beach south of me, down by Coos Bay, Oregon, taken by my cousin. The moon and the waves conspired to provide the BIG wave.
Very exciting winter surf on the Oregon coast.

My new favorite song heard on the radio this morning.
You  have to listen to that piano. mmmm..mmmmm One of the better re-makes of a classic Bob Dylan song: Don't think twice, it's all right.


  1. Oh that's terrible :( It could still show up, though. I once had an Etsy order refunded because it didn't show up in 2 months (or something) - it showed up after SIX months, with the outer package ripped and shredded - it had fallen behind or under something in the post office and wasn't discovered for ages. I refunded the refund, because even though the package was damaged, the stamps inside were still in perfect shape (other than some cosmetic scuff marks, which didn't affect the designs). I worry, though, that your package, which must have been large ...may have been too tempting for someone along the line :(

  2. I am really hoping your son gets that package somehow. How terrible! My sister sent some precious things to me that belonged to my mom who just passed away- including a very old painting of our family estate as it was in Germany in the 1920's. That was all I really wanted actually. She boxed the items up after carefully wrapping them in bubble wrap. She insured the box. It arrived at my daughters home on Friday looking as if it had been thrown from a second story window or something. The box, a heavy duty box, was absolutely demolished. Someone had tried to tape it back together....many things inside the box were shattered despite the bubble wrap. The painting....well...I cried when I saw it. My daughter opened the box on Facetime so I could witness it. It was insured but...so what really. That won't replace the painting or some of the other precious mementos. Sad.

  3. I sure do hope they find their package.. what a crappy deal to have to make a whole new blanket. You're a champ to do it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Still keeping my fingers crossed that your package is found and delivered. Nice selection of fabrics for the second (and faster) quilt. Most of your decisions and shrinkage allowances have been made already. I really like the photo of you at Fabric Depot. One of my favorites!

  5. I would think there would be a mob with torches outside the parcel locker - surely this is not unique to your son at such a package heavy time of year! I just heard today that my paintings project made it safely - now I am wishing the same for your quilt.


  6. Having a package go missing is SO frustrating. And it is such a lovely gift. (Years ago, my dad contacted us to see if our boys received a gift he sent nearly 2 weeks prior. My husband went to the post office and they said the address had been partially unreadable so they sent it to the Dead Letter Office 2 days before we asked about it. We were instructed to write a letter to the Dead Letter Office to find the package. We did. No response. We still have no idea what my dad tried to mail the kids - at least it was not something hand made!) It is a rare thing to happen, but it is still frustrating. Your cousin's photo of Coos Bay is wonderful!


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