17 January, 2018

Pencil Girls Christmas Gift To Me

longer sleeves. I vote for yes.

Pencil Girl made me this Kimono Jacket. She's been a friend since college and we both worked at the same fabric store - so we've sewn our whole lives together.

Anyway - last fall, she and I went to a Sip (wine in a fabric store!) and Sew at Fabric Depot to meet MimiG (look her up) and Deb  Kreiling. We'd met Deb for the first time at Sew Expo last Spring. She pretty much runs Simplicity Patterns.

Deb is shockingly short (my apologies, but she's shorter than me) and was wearing this beautiful kimono style jacket. I ran and grabbed the pattern, as did Pencil Girl. FYI: Simplicity 1108.

The jacket was so simple and so flattering.

straight from work with sweaty tshirt

 Pencil Girl even egged me on to buy this georgette - a fine flowy fabric on one of our recent Fabric Depot trips. I declined  - mostly because I was just starting the holiday season at work. I don't need more fabric waiting for me to find time.

Was I ever surprised to see this in my mailbox the other day. She does exquisite finishing too. And this is a muslin - made quickly to finesse the fit.

It fits!

Deb from Simplicity added some sleeve bands - lengthening the sleeve at the same time. Pencil Girl even made up some longer sleeve bands for me to try out.

Right now - I'm too lazy to change anything. And for the first time in months, I dreamed about sewing during my nap the other day. I may have the perfect fabric to make another in my stash.

I'm still a bit amazed that she sewed a wearable garment for me, and it fits, that I am showing you totally unedited photos. Don't get used to it.

***Update on missing package - see previous posts if you're nosy:
Today - wednesday - I received an email from USPS inviting me to fill out a survey regarding our recent missing package case. I was not flattering as no one has resolved anything nor have they followed up. Hello - here's my email.............

Tonight - ds found a note from the apartment complex manager that he had a package in the office. **** Could it be the missing one suddenly visible again? Is there two?

Stay tuned. It's almost been a month. Well - longer than three weeks. I mailed it on the 20th of December?


  1. That jacket really is pretty and different. That's the best thing about sewing is you can make such neat things for yourself! Bravo! I hope it's the package!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Ohhh fingers crossed for a resolution to the mail debacle - FINALLY!

    I quite like that kimono - I think it might be just the thing to hide some *ahem* figure flaws that I deal with (maybe if I dealt with fewer cookies I'd have less flaw-age, but that's a thought for another day! :D). I hate muffin-tops - I want my overages minimized, not spotlighted for all to see! I don't usually wear layers because I'm always hot, but a jacket like that in a very light fabric might work quite well. Yours is so pretty!

    1. I usually run hot too. I really like this look.

  3. Dreaming about Sewing! Very inspiring!

  4. I have nominated you for the Libester Award!
    See post here:

    1. Thank you Connie. I will probably fail at paying it forward but I'll do my best.

  5. That jacket is great - that pencil girl is a super star!!!


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