09 January, 2018

The Missing Gift, Part 2

Supposedly this gift to my son is in a parcel locker at his apartment complex. The postmaster geo-tracked it, it must be so.

We are still in 'negotiations' to get the postmaster to get off his duff and go open the parcel lockers.

My sister also sent ds a christmas package and it too is in a parcel locker.

We blame everything on Lester.

Lester is a postal worker who threw everyone's packages into lockers and is holding the keys hostage.
We might be making that up. maybe. Not the Lester part. Who names their kids Lester nowadays?

After ascertaining that the package(s) are in the parcel lockers, the son's girlfriend actually got home in time to meet Lester. He threw all the keys on the ground amidst serious grumblings and moanings and basically refused to find the package.

Then ds met two newish postal carriers on another day who tried to open what lockers they could. They didn't have all the keys.

What keeps us hopeful on this 9th day of January is that two packages for my son are in there. Not just mine. With the handmade quilt. But my sister's (his auntie) as well.

In my despairing moments, someone else got the locker key and is now in possession of beautiful handmade gifts.

We are still negotiating with the local post office for the release of our packages.

Inside were another of my handmade gifts this year. Both my kids are amazing Instagram photographers. I took their photos and printed them and then attached them with double-sided tape to quality A4 paper and made notecards for everyone.

L to R: Bridge in Nevada, Yosemite, Seward, AK hwy. Top left is Mt Jefferson Wilderness

 Another image I printed: My daughter in our Stearman biplane.

 My niece in Glacier National Park.

My kids still write letters. My mom was a noted letter writer (haha - pun!)

These are all gifts I can re-create.

My UPS package arrived safely to my son but we have had trouble with the post office at this apt complex. I probably will utilize UPS in the future.


  1. That would make me SOOOOO mad! I hope they get their package soon. I bet as a postal worker this makes you furious. Love the photos. I need to write more letters. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I'm trying to not go down the rabbit hole. Hopefully some good news soon.

  2. Do they by chance live in NYC ? We have had HORIBLE luck with the NYC post office .

    1. No. I've had dealings with the Brooklyn PO before when they delivered something I sold on etsy to an apartment with a shared walkway. Some neighbor got a cool bowl. It was easier to just make another. We're still hoping.

  3. Nooo. How upsetting my friend. What a nice quilt. You always do such beautiful work. Hugs

  4. Fingers crossed that when someone eventually opens the locker, the presents will be inside. I would be so mad!!!

  5. Thanks for the info about double-sided tape. I make cards too, but had used glue sticks. And they don't hold forever.

    I sure hope you get your mail soon!!

    1. Double sided tape -I bought for sewing help and it worked a treat with the cards. I dislike glue sticks.

  6. Oh dear, I'm reading this after mailing 3 little paintings to a friend - nothing special but I hate to think of them going astray, and even more so your quilt. Hopefully there will be good news soon.


    1. Oh Ceci. Take heart, I have mailed thousands of packages in my life (personal and online selling) and only a few have gone astray. Pretty good odds, really.
      This particular one was so personal. I poured more than a few tears, swear words and my love into that quilt.

  7. It's crazy that this situation is still - more than a week later - ongoing! Very frustrating! :(


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