22 August, 2014

AirMail Earrings

My friend, Janine, has lived in Japan for over 25 years now. She blogs over at CraftyTokyoMama.

Each summer, she comes home to visit family. She and her daughter go camping, fishing, horseback riding and anything else Oregon-wise they can fit into the time they have. 

Unfortunately, that meant we couldn't meet up this time. We had to make do with the US Mail. Did you know it's much cheaper to send a package to her parents in Oregon than all the way to Japan?!?   I might have gone overboard throwing things into my package.
Janine, who is the mistress of beautiful packaging, sent me a package that was a delight to see & open.

 These Letter Earrings are already a huge hit at work. My co-worker tells everyone they are addressed to me!
They certainly appear real with "via AirMail" underneath the stamp.
The reverse side has "Postcard" written across the top with "I Love You" in script on the message side.

 Janine, who crochets better than anyone else I know, crocheted these while camping!
I think she blocked them too!
I have a coaster set of four different designs plus a square doily and a smaller round doily.
She had a book with different designs and went hog-wild!

We must live in the dirt when we go camping. If I were to bring something "white" it would be brown in no time.

Little Miss Geisha Girl is actually a "going visiting hanky" that all Japanese women carry.
I'm supposed to bring it when I visit Kyoto next Spring.

Even her card is special! Eastern Airlines! She knows about my airplane problem.

Did you spot the other airplane hanging on the card? It's an Airmail Stamp brooch.

She wraps everything in cute papers and washi tape. 
Each item came packaged. She even gave me some masking tape  (spot the airplane...). Is that a hint?
When I send things to her, I am intent on using up all available flat rate space. As in, crammed full!

I sent her some really random items. Blue nail polish for her daughter, Moonstruck (Portland) chocolate bars, MarionBerry Syrup (Neighbor make - Glenmore Farms), random sewing notions, some Clover Wonder Clips, etc.
All jumbled with no washi tape inside a priority box. And a huge pile of postcards for her Postcrossing addiction.


  1. I didn't know those earrings said I Love You on the back! ;-) I could easily imagine you wearing them at work and being a good conversation starter.

    Me and my short attention span love one day projects so when I found a coaster pattern book at Value Village, I set aside my huge doily book and got to work on coasters instead. Must say I really like the satisfaction of finishing them quickly. It was so relaxing to be able to just sit and crochet all day long, with no need to cook, clean, or iron. Vacations are good like that!

  2. I still can't figure out how you were able to keep them so clean! Unless you made 34,000 doilies and I received the cleanest ones...

  3. Oh you lucky! Love the air mail earrings.. perfect for you! And the coasters are masterful.. what a nice friend she is! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. What an assortment of fun stuff!! That is AWESOME that you will be in Kyoto next spring. I went to Japan (Osaka and Kyoto) over 13 years ago and I loved it. I have never felt safer.


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