17 August, 2014

Clackamas County Fair 2014 - part 1

"We're Serving Up Fun" was our fair's theme this year.
Our livestock barn ~ 90 years old - was torn down and the worlds biggest tent erected 'just in time' to house the cows & piggies.
Just a few pigs as the deadly pig virus rampages on.

 Fair started out cool at 82' but finished at nearly 90' hot.

 A young Grand Champion 4-H sew-er. This one's going to the Oregon State Fair.

 An amazing & inspirational 4-H Raincoat.

I might have figured out what the art judges were looking for - the image surrounded by a black background. Minimal.

Junior award
 { ----minimal --- no extraneous scenery}

 Adult winner - wowza on black gator board - like foam core board but black throughout.
Amazing hand cuts?

Detail of above quilt which is my favorite quilt - - - we can vote!
All that hand-applique paired with embroidery.


 Loved this minimalist, Japanese-feel quilt.

 I won three Blue Ribbons! 
This Mega Pinnie might be my most used and favorite make of 2014.

 My Pendleton Tote, displayed oddly in the case, won a Class Champion Award (purple) along with the blue ribbon.

 Look at all these lacey hand knit scarves.

 Fused glass wall sculpture.

 Someone made a Boat!

 Upstairs; Hobby Hall

Part two tomorrow. {where I show you the real theme}

I leave you with a video snippet of the FFA livestock auction Saturday morning.
Those little piggies sold for $3.75/lb.


  1. Oh how fun! I would say it was about 40 years ago that I had entries in the Clackamas County fair 4-H exhibit! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the great visit to the fair. I love visiting local fairs to see all of the talent there. Finally got to your blog after you have visited me. Stayed there awhile!

  3. Oh wow , much bigger than our fairs ! Congrats on your ribbons! The photography judging has always confused me. Oldest took a fab photo of our view from the back at sunset: church, trees and a few rooftops sillohetted against a fab subset. She entered it and the judge said he would rather she had played with it in an editing package to show some details in the trees and houses - for me the beauty was the black against the colour !!!!


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