20 August, 2014

Wheat Weaving

My local library had a class on wheat weaving last night.

We all made the classic heart and then the angel/doll and our third item could be a bigger heart, a cross or another doll/angel.

The instructor is the same as who taught Ukrainian Easter Eggs back in the Spring. She speaks in a delightful accent and was pleasantly amazed when I added a Halo to my angel.

The farmer across the runway grew wheat this year. 
He just cut it and will bale it at any moment.
Do you think he would mind if I borrowed a few stalks . . . .?


  1. Those are just lovely! I love those traditional crafts.

  2. Ohhhh... I would love to learn how to do that! I've always loved those. It would be neat to embellish them with dried flowers and ties of raffia! Good for you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. So pretty-I love each one. The halo is a charming touch :-)


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