23 March, 2014

Milwaukie Airing Of The Quilts

Friday, before work, I scooted over to the Milwaukie "Airing of The Quilts".
Because, my 2014 sewing dream of mastering Sashiko stitching led me on a google search which found an online store in Oregon City (next city over) called One World Fabrics.

Their newsletter said they would be vendors at the Milwaukie quilt show. I wanted to see their fabrics in person. They brought fabric but not their sashiko supplies (tiny space).

I would rather buy local when I can. The more we buy online means the less brick & mortar shops exist. I like to touch my merchandise prior to buying. But if forced to buy online, I try to find one that is Oregon-based.

The quilt above is made of some of the aboriginal fabrics they carry

One World Fabrics carries Japanese Quilting/Sewing books.

Disappointed,  I walked on and  discovered the real reason this show is a huge draw.
The 'store'.

Fabrics, books, quilt tops, patterns, sewing paraphernalia. All priced at just above garage sale prices. In other words, priced to move. Which a big stack of patterns did.

The small patterns were ten cents. Yes, you read that correctly.

If it weren't for the fact that these vintage patterns  are of the invisible* type, I would love to sew this coat.
Can someone make this as a modern version? Double breasted with big statement collar?

*Invisble: no markings on the pattern sheets except for punched holes. Giant puzzle.

Bow tie.

I took a quick peruse through the displays and found these beauties.

Spring wallhanging

And, for some reason, my top three favorites were all pink.
Must be all that Spring, because I normally do not gravitate towards pink.


Postcard size.

I loved the dusty rose pinks and chocolate browns.

This leafy taupe quilt was #4.

This one tied with the Spring wallhanging in my gravitational forces.

The Milwaukie Center also contains a gift store filled to the brim with handmade goodness.


  1. What a great store! You must have had a wonderful time.

  2. Did you ever get yo work???? I love the top quilt, and the setting of the pinwheels, thanks for sharing

  3. Haha. Yes, I went to work.
    The quilt show opened at 9am and work started at 10:30.
    I arrived before 9 - they were already open.
    It was about 25 minutes away from home & work so I had a good hour to look.


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