24 March, 2014

Random Weekend

No sewing this weekend.

After work on Saturday, I helped an older friend of mine list her first item on ebay.

I also was my usual lucky self at two garage sales on the way.
Look at those Made in Taiwan Santa's and Mrs. Claus. Hand-painted. A dollar for all.

Loads of yardwork because the sun was out and it warmed up enough to turn off the house heat and open the doors. Rusty was plain tuckered out keeping an eye on us both days.

Great flying weather; this little Cessna 120/140 flew in to check progress on our plane projects.

And the GeeBee leapt into my cart at Riteaid at 50% off!. Mind-blowing. An airplane birdhouse (they had a camera too!). Like any bird will nest in our airplane!

The daughter should be arriving London as I write. She spent a few days with friends in New York City before crossing the pond. Off to France, Warsaw, Budapest before she starts work in Ketchikan, Alaska on May 3 for the summer.


  1. Doh! I'd forgotton the plane - that answers my previous email, sorry, bit slow today!

  2. I love kissing santas! I have a few myself. Not too many.

    What a great travel schedule for your daughter! Awesome!

  3. Glad you linked all the pictures together at the end. Was trying to imagine the relation between your garden now, Christmas, NY, and you.


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