11 March, 2014

March Flowers


Flowering Plum


Star Magnolia. Fuzzy catkin about to burst forth- into a star.

Christmas Cheer Rhododendrun


I am procrastinating. Not just about uploading photos from the smarty pants phone.
I need to post about SewExpo in puyallup but my word clarity needs  more gestation time.

I'm working also in my old office which took a stab at that lovely spare time I was enjoying. Working on getting out of that delicate situation. It requires finesse to have things go my way in my day job.

Spring has totally hit the Willamette Valley with flowers bursting full. Although we had a light frost this morning, everyone is suffering from Spring Fever and it was very difficult to be cooped up today with it's glorious sunny skies and warm temps in the afternoon.

I may forget clarity and go for my usual randomness.

Or, I may go put slug bait on those hostas before the snails find those tender shoots.

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