16 March, 2014

Easter Egg Puzzle Balls

I saw this craft on facebook and needed to do it. Let me caution you right now, its a messy, three-day craft that takes up space.

This is a stiff ball made of yarn. Inside is trapped a chocolate candy (or 2 or 3). How did the candy get inside?

Use up your odds & ends of yarn, dipped in glue mixture, wrap yarn  around water balloons filled with candy, let dry and then pop the balloon ---what could be easier?

For every balloon I managed to squiggle a candy into, another was torn.
The egg with three candies? I now  declare
it the Golden Egg!

The yarn soaks up the glue & water mixture (equal parts) and as you wrap it around the egg, it drips glue everywhere. Not to mention the sodden mess of yarn that wants to glom up into a celtic knot. So you should put down a thousand layers of newspaper to soak up the puddles--haha,  cant give away all the tips.

Some tricks to get those candies into the balloon.
Blow up the water balloon first to stretch it out.  Pull the sides out to make it squeal as the air escapes for the delightment of the dog.
Pull the neck apart and 'roll' the balloon over the Hershey's Chocolate Egg. Rolo's also worked fairly easily. Hershey's Chocolate Kisses, good luck! not so well.
Once candy is seated, you need to blow air into the balloon to partially blow it back up.
Squeeze what you blew up and the candy will drop into the bottom of the balloon.

If you want more than one candy inside, you'll need to repeat this.

Let dry for ThreeDays!!!.
 Until stiff.

Pop the balloon and carefully extract the balloon rubbage which has a disconcerting way of wrapping around the candy and not letting go.

One for each of my co-workers and assorted nephews & nieces.


  1. This looks like fun. My daughter will be flying over the first of April, so I may just sit down with my granddaughters to have some one on one time and make these!! :--) Thanks for sharing, Lisa

  2. Your post really made me laugh! Your coworkers are SO lucky! I want one!!


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