19 January, 2014



I am really liking my new work location. The eight minute commute  is incredible. It is freeing up time for my other life.

I've been dreaming on Pinterest. I think I have the hang of Pinterest now. It beats bookmarking things I would like to try and then trying to figure out why I bookmarked them years, ahem, months later. Pinterest bookmarks come with a photo and a linkback to how to make it. Unlike my bookmarks, where sometimes the link no longer works or is for the general website -not the specific page.
The boards help me and my OCD organizational bits. I still have to figure out how NOT to get notifications that someone is re-pinning my item --clutter in the email inbox, but otherwise, I am loving pinterest.
Lots of thinking and dreaming going on at home. Had some family 'emergencies', -- but since there were three of them, we have moved on.

My recent estate sale find - a Lucky Lindy airplane quilt with original feedsack fabrics. I didn't buy it as it was only $65. And I didn't have $65. The quilt was a small twin and thin but not holey. Very vintage '30's.

I do own the pattern and I probably need to make one or at least learn more about quilting.
One of  the red planes was made from a print fabric featuring tiny firecrackers.

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