12 January, 2014

Plastic Snaps

My package from China came yesterday.
Really fast - I ordered them less than two weeks ago.
I looked at Ebay and  my local fabric store.    I went for cheapest with free shipping.

And you get what you pay for...

For $15.98, I received the pliers with all sorts of extras.
10 colors of 10 15 colors of 10 snap sets each (total 100 sets 150 (!))

These work just like metal snaps.
 I used my seam ripper to make a pinhole through my fabric.

Sandwich the button and the male end with the fabric between.

And squeeze the pliers together.

The screw at the top of the pliers already fell out - it's just sitting there loose.
I've already broken some of the snaps by squeezing too hard? They still work - it's the base that cracked.

For the most part, they worked fine. I wonder if a different brand of snap might hold up better. These will do the trick for this project.

I even managed to take a video of squeezing.

And these might have fallen into my ebay cart from the  same seller. 

Metal (aluminum --  lightweight) studs for purses or other things that need to be decorated.
Each bag was $2.50 with free shipping.
Too good to be true?


  1. Now, if you made some studded panty liners....

  2. Isnt it amazing how extra stuff falls into the basket by mistake!!!!


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