05 January, 2014

January In Canbyland

No winds, just frosty this morning.
I went out to re-fill the bird feeder and had to bring in both the hummingbird feeder and the bird feeder - I can't get the top off the bird feeder without possibly cracking the acrylic. Brought them both in to thaw.

My camellia.

Sunrise glow happening. Looking out towards runway through my Star Magnolia.

I'm actually facing North towards Portland.

Son climbing Mt. Hood this morning. Nearly to the summit.
11,239 feet up.

Autumn leaves resting atop my creeping wooly thyme

Still a couple of fall color Apple leaves on the tree.

An evergreen Azalea. I was given this shrub many many years ago.

It doesn't get too cold here in the Willamette valley. No snow accumulation at all. A good sunny day following this frost - possibly it will warm to the 40's today, enabling me to get out and take care of some winter clean-up.

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  1. Brrrrr! We're suffering excessive rain here, two of the three roads to our village are flooded!


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