31 December, 2013

Bluebird Of Happiness, aka TMI

How fast one loses the need to take a photo so I can blog about it mentality.
I have sewed a few things during the christmas craziness but they were all gifts, finished late at night when the photography options are bad and frankly, I gave myself permission not to worry about posting stuff.
And what do I choose to post about after a long absence? Menstrual pads.

I started using flannel 'rags' a few years ago. A customer of mine makes these in her shop on etsy.
I started getting rashes - me and my food sensitivites and chemical phobias - on the commercial panty liners. I figured it was just a matter of time before the regular kotex pads also gave me problems. {{What do they use on commercial pads that would give you a rash?}}

Two summers ago, I planned a trip to Sweden & Europe and I knew I needed something else for a daily panty liner. When I am out all day in weird situations with unknown restroom places, I like to have a panty liner in place.  I tried Rachel's from her shop, Pleat, and I liked them.

They snap together around the crotch of your panty and the flannel keeps it from sliding. Rachel offers these in three different sizes.

You can vary the pad thickness by adding more layers of absorbent flannel.

They tend to last about a year with repeated washings. I had a bit of PUL fabric on hand (for waterproof diapers) and some flannel and decided this fall to make some more.

Because this fall, I took on a detail job in Portland that involved a stressful commute - basically being gone from my home 12 hours a day for an 8-hr job (hour lunch). The stress started me into peri-menapause in a very stressful way - the never-ending-period. Otherwise known as spotting.

All of a sudden I needed a daily pad that was thin like a panty liner but longer.
By the way, this is the only symptom I have to-date of peri-menapause.

The two pads underneath are somewhat worn. I tried not to gross you out with what the old pads really look like with the discreet covering of the new bluebird one.

Basically, the underneath portion has the wings with the snap and the center 'padded' portion is sewn on to that with all seams enclosed on both.
Don't you love the orange Aurifil thread on the bluebirds? This was the thread in my sewing machine. . . Not only TMI but you get a glimpse into my laziness.

I'm off to make some more right now while I wait for my plastic snaps and snap setter to appear in the mail.

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