04 December, 2013

Taildragger Christmas

I finished my last week of overtime at the day job and now just need to 'survive' Christmas!
I took a job transfer to the community where I live. Two of the benefits will be Less Hours and a Three-mile Commute.
I am ever hopeful this will stabilize my work hours (feast or famine), giving me more time for my other life.

And more sewing.
And more creative journeys.

Time for family and friends.

Time for taking care of my health needs.

I have lots of goals for this next year including a much needed formal business plan that involves my other life. I am excited to embrace the new year with some important decisions behind me.

Reindeer Cam:
This one is pretty cool. Watching the reindeer eat in preparation to their big night.

Also a video from Rovaniemi, Finland; This is where Santa really lives - contrary to most US citizens' belief in the North Pole.

An interview with Joulupukki (Santa Claus)
In Rovaniemi, Finland.

I've been here and I also had the wonderful opportunity to see the reindeer races!
I tried to go back when we were there last summer but couldn't figure out the logistics of being in two places at once! (lol)

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