25 June, 2013

Bucket Bag

My nephews birthday is today- in Minnesota - two hours ahead of us.
He's 12 and when I asked what he wanted for his birthday, he gave me the list.

The list of stuff I have no idea where to get whatever it is that he wanted.
The list which I probably  cannot afford.
The list that got put somewhere special.

I was at my local Thriftway and next to all of their wonderful alternative foods is the bulk bins of food, including candies you can't find just anywhere.

Including the gargantuan jawbreaker in the pocket above.

 I needed to sew something to hold the baker's dozen of different candies.
I used a free craftsy class, taught by Kirstin Link, of our own SewMamaSew fame.
The class is called Bag Making Basics, Drawstring Bag & Bucket Bag.

The outside is Oregon State University fabric in orange plaid. Just to remind him where his mom and cousin graduated from.
The pocket on the outside was made from Ikea basic black. You can sew the divider lines anyhow; I chose to make three pockets.

Oops, something fell out.

It was made to fit  into the priority padded flat-rate envelope (best thing since sliced bread) which I can send domestically for under six bucks. I feel so challenged by what I can stuff into these envelopes. (free at usps.com)

Inside lining is from a thrifted plaid shirt. Kinda cements that Halloween feel.

I commiserate with my friend in Japan who moved to Kyoto recently and is slowly putting her sewing room back to rights. I spent more time figuring out where the fleece interlining was, the dang rotary cutter, and the stinkin' iron!
Sewing things went into boxes and were marked but they are in a new place now in a pretty sewing room and I don't know where anything is. It took longer to find my tools than to sew up this project.
This was an easy project which I needed in order to get my feet wet sewing after all that overtime of last year and the remodeling homestretch this spring on the bedroom floors.

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