16 June, 2013

Half Century

1. Snail
2. Dahlia(Need to plant soon!)
3. Frog

 4. Airplane news article
5. Dirty sock
6. Angry birds duct tape
7. Kitty from India
8. Target bubble gum
9. DOR bandaid holder 

10. Paper airplane 
11. Musical note Emery board
12. Spam pencil  -( yes,Minnesota spam)
13. Nephew-knitted ring/ finger guard
14. Finger Print kit

15. Pacman bandaids 

 16 Mr bubble (still pink bottle)
17. Bath scrubber
18. Strawberry hand towel 

19. McMinnville fly-in t-shirt
20. Minnesota twins Straw Hat
21. Apple-- hand squeezer thing
22. Flag
23. Tissues for purse
24. Toothbrush

25. Mustache on a stick 

26. Empty box
27. SpongeBob SquarePants
28. People magazine with Kate's baby bump

 29. Ladybug spatula
30.. pier1 imports hand operated flashlight (pink piggy)
31. Adam Spanish-immersion school mug 
32. Jalapeno pepper seeds

33. Somebody's underwear elastic 

34. A macrame plant hanger 
 35. Small artwork of beach scene; magnets on backside
36. Cup cover with tea infuser fishy
37. Minnesota Twins water measurer - for the garden.

38. 11 dirty socks -make two into sock monkeys to return to Minnesota. 

49. Captain Underpants number 6
50. Lots of notes/cards (even one from the kitty) and oodles of tissue paper.

My birthday was in may and I'm just getting around to photographing the fifty wrapped presents my Minnesota sis sent me.

One of my best birthdays ever.

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  1. Happy Birthday Kathy!! a little late, but still..


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