14 June, 2013

Ahhhh. . . The Land of No Overtime

I was emailing Pencil Girl about sewing. As in - what do I sew? There is a roomful of stuff to sew with but how do you buckle down and just do it?

She actually asked about buttonholes: "Do you have a fancy buttonhole feature on your new machine?  I have a four-step buttonhole process that I demonstrated when I was teaching.  However, all the students have a buttonhole foot that you put the button in to measure and the machine makes the buttonhole in one step.  No one knew how to do it.  Have you made a buttonhole with your new machine?  How do you do it?"

Which made me want to go make buttonholes.

In today's mail, I received my Katherine Tilton Vogue pattern V8793. A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for a Craftsy class taught by the Tilton sisters on Sewing the Ultimate T-shirt.
The class was on sale for $9.99 and included home delivery of a paper pattern. I'll let you know how it goes.

The trouble is, there is so much I want to do. Then there's the stuff I need to do.

Like finish planting my garden. Weed the bed on the garage side - the one infested with garter snakes. I've also decided to grow my own kale. Baby kale leaves have to taste better than giant ones - right?
Finish figuring out how to creatively store ten more boxes than what my new sewing room wants to take in - neatly.
And discovering almost twenty boxes of stuff to sell - that I've been stockpiling while trapped in that overtime. I'm working on getting the etsy store back up and running. I have already had sales and those need to be 'found', packed up and sent on their way.

I found this at an estate sale today:

A very pretty sewing chest. The kind that stands next to your sofa.
No-- I did not plunk down $150.

Even though the drawers were brimming with vintage goodies.

But I did put in a low-ball offer. Just in case.

It's not like I have any extra space in my new sewing room. . . . .

The funky ants made their way onto my work apron panel - courtesy of my new sewing machine.
I do have the covers off and the machines re-threaded.


Just do it. I've seen that somewhere.

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