04 May, 2013

Birthday Treats

My Japanese friend surprised me with a package filled with airplane birthday love.

These two fabrics have Oregon written on them along with hundreds of other quilty names.

Janine and I met during a SewMamaSew giveaway day -- online. Turned out she grew up right behind me in Canbyland.

She met her honey while living in Japan. She's been living in Japan for 25 years.

Dot Liner shaped liked a mail delivery van.
No idea what a dot liner does but it's stinkin' Japanese cute in it's packaging.

Sewing charms: Thread, Sewing machine, Stork Scissors, Buttons, Tape Measure, Sewing Basket.

Thank you for the birthday wishes.
ありがとう   ( I hope google translate got this right...)

Speaking of SMS, their Spring Giveaway Day (week) starts Monday.

I will raid my garage - still in midst of installing wood floors - and put together 2 or 3 "prizes".


  1. aww, how sweet! these fabrics are so darling. enjoy!
    come enter this giveaway i am hosting from rendi! they're a sweet new charitable decor company :) http://anticipationblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/a-giveaway-from-rendi.html

  2. Happy B-lated Birthday Kathy! I hope you make it to Hawaii some day, or I make it back to Oregon, and we can meet. The airplane ride in the previous post looked wonderful. Oregon looks so green right now!


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