29 May, 2013

I See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Pencil girl gave up hoeing strawberries on Memorial Day to come over and help me focus.

This weekend, I came across a blog post about how to fold fabric***.

Proper ways to fold fabric?

It turns out there are. Multiple ways. Silly ways. Elaborate ways.

This one made practical sense to me: Fold fabric around your 6" wide quilt/cutting ruler. Flip in half. Place on stack.
I think I could keep this up.

( no smirking) .

Eleven drawers are filled.
With sewing notions.
Knitting/crochet hoops and needles and hooks in this drawer.

Amazingly, some boxes came OUT of the closet and were dispersed to better locations.

----With pencil girl cracking the whip.

Still work to do.

I met my new boss on Saturday. First impression was an A+.

This is scary as in, "Is he really this nice?"
Waiting for the shoe to drop....

{I do have some trust issues with my day job.}

What does all this mean?
In two weeks I will drop down to 25-30 hrs/wk.
Someone else will be responsible for the office.

I will have time for my other life.

So exciting.

***folding fabric: sorry - cannot remember where I saw the TUTORIALs on how to fold fabric.
This method works best for your quilting cottons that are 44" wide.
--Fold in half, lengthwise,  wrong sides together.
Fold the short 22" end around your big 6" wide quilter's ruler (don't have one?   ---loser) and start wrapping fabric around the ruler.
Either the raw edges at the end folds to the inside or not. If not, just fold/tuck under so it does.
Slide ruler out.
Fold in half (hamburger fold).

My shelf is 25 or so inches wide. Each stacked fold comes out about 6 1/2" wide.
I decided that three stacks of 'yardage' worked for me with a narrow shoebox-type holder for the 'fat quarters' as the 4th stack.
The width of folding depends on your bookshelf width.

Keep folding.
This doesn't work so well on 60" fabric, or yardage.

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  1. Hey, you are making some good progress! I love the color of the room.


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