09 May, 2013

Patio Is Ready For Summer (Almost)

Seven hanging baskets ready to hang. I tend towards wanting the hanging baskets in August & September when I am so tired of watering and  flowers are rather sparse.

There are a lot of vendors selling baskets this time of year that look pretty but are already root-bound. They likely won't bloom much past 4th of July. Mine have lots of rooms now so they can become root-bound in late summer.

More pots to spread around the patio.

It's been a warm spring here in Canbyland. My sister just had snow in MN last week but we are on our third month of an unusually dry spring. Just glorious on the flowers.

Behind all this greenery is the neighbor's house. I'm still working on my living fence but this will cut the "view".

Last February, I scheduled five days off - here in May. I had hoped the floors would be done and my plan was to spend the five days re-organizing the sewing room and  guest room. Alas, I'm on plan B instead. Floor guys will put finish coats on next week!.
Plan B is to get my garden and yard in shape.

Plant the potatoes, try to hold off on the tomatoes. Last week we were still getting below 40' at night. Except the temps have been above 80' during the day so it is incredibly tempting to put everything in the ground 'early'.

Finish weeding and spring clean-up of the flower beds. Move stuff, dump stuff.

Favorite Iris just started popping open.

Coral Bells next to a varigated Weigelia.

May:   this bed has filled in a lot since I took a photo back in early April.
The Kousa Dogwood did not like 80' days and threw off it's lovely coral blossoms

Early April - see all the weed-free space?
The Kousa Dogwood was just pinking up - on the center left.

At my birthday lunch. My Mom & Dad and older sister took me to lunch at my favorite Moroccan Restaurant in Wilsonville, Dar Essalam.
One of the few restaurants where I have several food choices I can eat. The chef will special order for me as well. This is a good restaurant for me and my food sensitivities.

After lunch, my dad wanted to go by AT&T. He was ready to look at smart phones and I was showing him how versatile the camera is.

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