03 September, 2012


Canby: The bend in the Willamette River

Flying the River (Willamette).
The wind and the sun are begging me to try and capture their beauty.

We are only 600 feet up.
The camera on its "beach" scene setting tries to capture the water-skier.
Just north of the Canby Ferry.

Off our left wing is the Aurora airport. Hangar buildings.

I couldn't quite get the big farm tower that distinguishes Donald.
The Donald Cafe is nearby. Very good breakfasts.

Closer -- just out of focus . . . .

Flying south - we have the Woodburn Dragstrip
No draggin' today.

It was very nice to go flying this afternoon. Richard Bach is on my mind a bit this weekend. He is the author of Jonathon Livingston Seagull and lives up in the San Juan's nowadays. He is a pilot who can write coherently and majestically about what it is like up here - high in the sky.

All of his books involve flying with an huge spiritual momentum. He was probably the first author I read that was able to put into words what touching the hand of God means.

I always feel closer to God when I am up in the sky. My burdens are lifted.
My praying is much clearer without being tethered to the earth.
When we land, I feel rejuvenated, energized, and at peace with my inherent 'crankiness'.

Richard Bach has written several books which I am feeling the need to re-read.
He was flying Friday when he clipped some power lines.

Here's to his recovery.

***postscript. I did pull out fabrics to make a new bag (purse). Everything was cut out yesterday and I made a promise to myself to try and sew for 20  minutes each night this week. To get back in the sewing groove.


  1. Fantastic pictures Kathy, I can see the attraction of flying.

  2. I loved the photo of the waterskiier! The reflection of the sunlight off the river is stunning. It sounds nice to have a means to escape the everyday humdrums by taking to the air. You go girl!


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