17 September, 2012

Great Weekend

Saturday, we flew falcons at the Anchor Heart ranch. Amazing and thrilling.

Sunday, we were going to go canoeing. What with the forest fire smoke and the girls sleeping in, we changed plans for a reconnaissance hike around Lake Walton.

This lake is a few miles past Prineville on hwy 126 - the same road that goes near Lookout Mtn.


Just past Prineville were signs for a garage sale. Not just any garage sale but a 'Destination Garage Sale'.

We drove past thinking we would stop on the way back.

Walton Lake turned out to be small and nearly ambulatory.
A little "On Waldon Pond".
The well-maintained path around the lake was only 1 1/4 miles on flat compacted gravel or 1 1/2 miles on asphalt.

Definitely something older folks could hike --plenty of benches.

Circling above us was an osprey which suddenly plunged into the lake, emerging with a fish in it's talons. A perfect sight following Saturdays falcon fest.

By the time we drove past the destination garage sale - I had to make the driver pull a U-ey - it was half-past 2 pm and everything was freefreefree.
Amazing timing.

All four of us stuffed many boxes of fabulous finds into the car.
A perfect end to our time in central Oregon.

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